Liebster Award 2018 nomination

Liebster Award 2018 nomination

As you all know we just started this blog and are still very much trying to find our way in the wondrous world of blogging. All the more reason to feel super humbled for having been nominated for the Liebster Award 2018! That deserves a ‘whoop whoop.’ Okay here goes: “Whoop whoop!” There, that’s out of my system. In case you’re wondering what the Liebster Award is and how we got nominated for it, by all means keep reading!

Liebster Award you say?

Yes, the Liebster Award! So what is it? Well it’s actually quite simple. The Liebster Award is an award for bloggers. It’s a great and creative way to not only promote your own blog but to also discover other blogs. In order to win the award you have to play by certain rules as stated on The Global Aussie. It involves answering and creating fun and creative questions and obviously to nominate other blogs. Visit The Global Aussie for a more in depth explanation of the exact rules. 

We have been nominated by an amazing girl we met on Instagram. Her name is Giorgi, her smile is contagious and we are absolutely in love with her Finland photos. You can find out more about her and her amazing travels on her blog Giorgi’s Journey.  Thank you so much for nominating us Giorgi!

Liebster Award 2018

On to business

Since we’re playing by the rules and all, before we get to answering Giorgi’s questions, we would love to share why we are passionate about blogging, followed by 10 random facts about us. 

We love blogging because it’s a great way to develop ourselves. It makes us think more creatively, makes us look at things in a different light and it definitely ups our photography and writing game. Obviously we love writing and expressing ourselves. You’ll notice that Tommy’s style of writing is different than mine, which we hope provides you with a diverse reading experience. The most important reason though, is that we love being of service. By sharing our experiences and opinions, real experiences from real people, we hope to inform and help you the best way we can.

10 random facts about 2 very random people

  • Djamila is afraid of chickens, she blames it on childhood petting zoo traumas
  • We turn into love-struck teenage girls every time we spot wildlife  
  • Tommy makes up random life stories for our dog Lizzy. According to him Lizzy was born from seals, she played maracas in a band and ended a relationship with Grey’s Anatomy’s Mark Sloan because she was just too classy for him
  • Djamila is under the impression that the vacuum cleaner is louder than her singing… it never is
  • If money was no factor we would hike in national parks all over the world and start a foundation to help stray dogs worldwide
  • Tommy is great at doing voices, you should hear his Kermit the frog
  • Djamila is always cold. Fluffy, non-sexy pajamas, hot water bottles and tea are order of the day here
  • Yet we both love winter! Snow, hot drinks, fairy lights, cinnamon, warm blankets and Christmas, oh yeah!
  • Tommy endearingly calls all animals ‘monkey’, no matter what animal it is
  • Seeing the Northern Lights together in Norway was the first big bucket list item we could cross off together
Relaxing at home in Christmas style

Giorgi’s questions

As I’ve mentioned before, a big part of the Liebster Award rules is answering the questions you were given. In our case Giorgi provided us with the questions since she is the one that nominated us. Here goes!

Have you decided where you want to live?
We went through so much trouble getting Tommy to be a legal resident here in the Netherlands. So we’re good being here for a while. However we don’t know what the future brings. With him being an American there’s always the option of staying in America for a bit and the idea of living in Norway for a few years sounds very appealing too!

Who has been the most interesting person you have met during your travels?
So far we’ve mainly kept to ourselves during our travels. If you count our time of doing long distance, I can tell you we definitely found each other very interesting upon meeting in person for the first time haha!

If you could, which language would you like to learn or improve and why?
Djamila: I’ve always wanted to learn Norwegian. Long before I actually went to Norway I have always been so fascinated with the country and the language. It just sounds so fun and interesting!

Tommy: Definitely Dutch because I moved here! I know quite a bit but there’s plenty of room for improvement!

How did you start traveling? Did you always feel this strong desire of seeing the world?
Tommy: Yes! I have always had a strong desire to see the world and something in me always said I would be moving out of the country. Since meeting Djamila and doing long distance in the beginning, traveling became a bigger part of my life.

Djamila: I have always felt a passion burning inside me, that I didn’t immediately recognize as the desire to travel. My parents aren’t the biggest travelers so it was never really on my radar until I got older. Once I got a taste of it during an exchange program in high school, I realized how amazing and free it made me feel. I just love to wander around and explore, take it all in you know?

How many countries have you seen? Which one is your favorite so far and why?
Combined we’ve been to 11 countries, as you can see we’re just starting. But hey it’s not about quantity as they say. Our shared favorite country so far is hands down Norway. We are absolutely in love with the mountains, the fjords, the wildlife and the culture. Everywhere you look there’s magic to be found. 

After all your travels, is there anything that still scares you on the road?
Djamila: Hell yes! I’m a chicken to begin with, so not a whole lot needs to happen for me to deem something ‘potentially dangerous.’ I’m not a big fan of being in quieter areas in the dark, since I don’t drive, certain road conditions make me sit on the edge of my seat and I always seem to be afraid of not having enough time to see everything we want on a trip. 

Tommy: I definitely see less danger than Djamila. My biggest thing is usually health. I don’t want to end up sick or injured far away from home. We always make sure to have good travel insurance haha. Djamila is better with airports and flying than me though, I tend to get more nervous about flying. 

People often say that traveling solo is not safe, especially for women. How would you reply to that?
Solo traveling doesn’t necessarily mean it’s not safe. Just make sure you always use your common sense and don’t put yourself in dangerous situations. We both however prefer to travel together, not just to share the experience and enjoy each other’s company, but also for safety. It all comes down to whatever works for you!

Have you ever made big sacrifices for living the dream on the road? If yes, what have you sacrificed?
Neither of us have actually lived on the road or traveled full time before. Tommy did leave behind everything he knew though. His family and friends, his country, his home, just to come live with me in the Netherlands. 

What book/movie has inspired you most about your travels?
Djamila: I gotta go with ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ and ‘Into The Wild.’

Tommy: I know it’s not a book or a movie, but Anthony Bourdain’s TV shows ‘No Reservations’ and ‘Parts Unknown’ still inspire me greatly.

What do you want to say to the people that are not happy with their lives and don’t do anything for changing it?
If you’re unhappy with the way your life is now, what do you have to lose? We know it’s not easy, we ourselves are nowhere where we want to be yet. But we try to work towards our goals every day. Some days you feel motivated and other days feel like nothing you try makes a difference. Standing still never works though. Start with trying to be happy within yourself before you try to make big changes to your lifestyle. Envision the life you want every single day, align with it, believe it and receive it!

And the nominees areee

We’re all about spreading the love so this is definitely the fun part for us. We have nominated 6 people for the Liebster Award 2018. There’s so many amazingly kind and talented people out there. We feel like we can learn something from each of our 6 nominees. Obviously we can also recommend paying their blogs a visit!

Karina from Karina Keeps Escaping

We are so glad we met funny and friendly Karina on Instagram. She’s originally from Slovakia but she’s been living in the UK for the past 5 years. Her writing style is so entertaining, her photos are beautiful and she’s always there to put a smile on your face. 

Patricia & Miguel from Freeoversea

Patricia and Miguel have been inspiring us ever since we started our Instagram account. They’re such kind, warm and positive people. The type of people that the world needs more of. We love their views on ethical living and the love they have for this planet and everyone who inhabits it.

Cabell & Jesica from The Pretirement

Cabell and Jesica have ‘pretired’ since early 2018. We love how they inspire others and show them that taking a break, or ‘pretirement’ is something you can actually do. We love their content, we love the way their blog is set up and we definitely think we’ll be seeing a lot more from them!

Derek & Amy from Live Extraordinary Life

Derek and Amy are true entrepreneurs. With their enthusiastic and bubbly approach they inspire us to live an extraordinary life! Their blog is user friendly and very aesthetically pleasing, their blogs are fun and informative and you can even book trips with them now. We’re very grateful to have connected with these amazing people!

Courtney from Earth Coco

We sometimes can’t get over how beautiful Courtney’s content is. We love how her photos whisk us away and how her storytelling makes us want more. Her content always speaks to our longing for freedom. She’s totally got van life down, with a toddler that is and we can’t wait to see and read more from her.

Jasmine & Bevan from The Travel Quandary

Jasmine and Bevan have such a beautiful blog! Everything fits, it’s informative on several subjects, it’s entertaining, their photos are gorgeous and the overall website is so user friendly. In our eyes Jasmine and Bevan are seasoned travelers that we can learn a lot from!

Last but not least

To conclude this blog post we had to come up with 11 of our own questions for our nominees. We can’t wait to read their answers. Feel free to share your own answers with us in the comment section!

If you were an animal, what animal would you be and why?

What is your guilty pleasure while traveling?

Say you are an amazing singer and you could pick one person, dead or alive, to sing a duet with. Who would it be?

If you had to choose between having your dream home but with only one vacation a year, or a life on the road while traveling full time but never having a home, which one would you choose and why?

What would be the title to a movie about your life?

While traveling did you ever splurge on something you were hesitant about but have absolutely no regrets over?

If you were a Disney character, who would you be and why?

You can only go to one travel destination for the rest of your life, where would you go and why?

If you could solve one major problem in the world, what would it be?

What would your dream trip look like if money was no factor?

Is there anything you found so beautiful that it brought you to tears?

Once again we would like to thank Giorgi from Giorgi’s Journey for nominating us. Whether we win the Liebster Award or not, we’re very grateful for the nomination and having had the opportunity to write this blog post. Thank you to the people behind Liebster Award for this amazing initiative that encourages people to be creative and share their creativity. Lastly, to everyone reading this, keep inspiring and never stop being inspired!



  1. November 16, 2018 / 4:10 pm

    Awwww guys!!!!! Loved this article so much, I really HAD NO IDEA DJAMILA IS SCARED OF CHICKENS??? Are you real??? haha (sorry but this is actually funny!)

    And guys, thank you very much for nominating me, this means so much to me, I must do something good when I am here, yay! I truly appreciate it and will get my blog done when I find 5 next week! 🙂 Love you guys!

    • togethertheytravel
      November 16, 2018 / 6:43 pm

      You’re so welcome! Definitely deserve a nomination! We can’t wait to read your post 💛 And yes I am really scared of chickens haha 🙈

  2. Uncle Steve
    November 20, 2018 / 1:24 am

    Great blog and the new camera is killer. Keep up the great work.

    • togethertheytravel
      November 29, 2018 / 4:59 pm

      Thanks so much uncle Steve!

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