Bucket list

Wild horses

Our bucket list is pretty much an ever-changing list of awesome things we would like to do in our lifetime. There is so much to see, experience and explore on this beautiful planet. We will most likely add to this list as new ideas and desires arise. If you have any questions about the things we crossed off, tips on the things we still want to do or even think you can help us cross something off, please don’t be shy and contact us! Curious to see what’s on the list? Then quickly keep on reading!

Countries and places

  • Visit Alaska, USA     
  • Visit Australia
  • Visit the Azores, Portugal
  • Visit Bali, Indonesia
  • Visit the Caribbean
  • Visit the Faroe Islands, Denmark
  • Visit French Polynesia
  • Visit the Galapagos Islands, Ecuador
  • Visit Greece
  • Visit Hawaii, USA
  • Visit Iceland
  • Visit Ireland
  • Visit Italy
  • Visit Java, Indonesia
  • Visit Lofoten, Norway
  • Visit Morocco
  • Visit New Zealand
  • Visit Norway
  • Visit the Philippines
  • Visit Spain
  • Visit Sri Lanka
  • Visit Svalbard, Norway
  • Visit Tromsø, Norway

Animal activities

  • Do volunteer work with animals
  • Go for hikes with our dog
  • Do the Wolf Visit in Polar Park, Norway
  • Stay at Giraffe Manor, Kenya
  • Stay at the Wolf Lodge in Bardu, Norway
  • Go on a safari in Africa
  • Interact with wild horses
  • Visit an elephant sanctuary
  • Go on a whale watch excursion
  • Swim with wild dolphins
  • Snorkel with wild sea turtles
  • See moose in the wild
  • See flamingos in the wild
  • See bears in the wild


  • Visit the Cliffs of Moher, Ireland
  • See the Northern Lights
  • Explore Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia
  • Explore De Hoge Veluwe National Park, the Netherlands
  • Explore Denali National Park in Alaska, USA
  • See fjords
  • See mountains
  • Explore black sand beaches, Iceland
  • Explore Gargano National Park, Italy
  • Experience the midnight sun in Lofoten, Norway
  • Explore Acadia National Park, USA
  • Hike Trolltunga, Norway
  • Walk on white sand beaches
  • Explore Snowdonia National Park, United Kingdom
  • Explore Banff National Park, Canada


  • Take a road trip that takes at least a month
  • Eat local food on every continent
  • See Hobbiton, New Zealand
  • Visit the Blue Lagoon, Iceland
  • Go on a helicopter ride
  • Go on a road trip through Tuscany, Italy
  • Go camping
  • Go Ice climbing
  • Go skydiving
  • Hike to a mountain summit
  • Go snowshoeing